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$0 /M Sign Up
  • One Screen
  • License Subscription 6 Hours
  • Web-based Editor
  • Social media Content
  • Static / Dynamic Content
  • Landscape / Portrait Support
  • Management Anywhere
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Email Support


$11 /M Regularly $129 Sign Up
  • One Screen
  • 1 playlist / 10 Sliders Support
  • License Subscription 3-6-12 months
  • Web-based Editor
  • Social media Content
  • Landscape / Portrait & Static / Dynamic Content
  • Management Anywhere
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Updates Regulary
  • Email / Chat / Ticket Support


$49 /M Regularly $539 Sign Up
  • 10 Playlists / 100 Sliders
  • Functions Multi functions
  • License Subscription 3 Months
  • Web-based Advancded Editor
  • Social media Content
  • Static / Dynamic Content
  • Landscape / Portrait Support
  • Management Anywhere
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Customer / Invoice Management
  • Dedicated 18/6/365 Support
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What makes us different?

From the future

We have created a fantastic system for digital signage.


Your system works even if your wi-fi is down.


A calender for scheduling the ads or annoucements is included.


Our system can easily operate videoealls.

Multiple screens

NG Signage system is working with one of many screens!

Web-based editor

The web-based editor allows you to manage the screen layouts, playlists, scheduling and other advanced features.


The player software is installed on the box or any type of TV.

Layout is easy

Simple drag and drop interface.

Cheap and independent

The NG ignage system will reduce your dependency on third parties and increase your efficiency.

how to build your Signage system in minutes?

Create your own signage with our Digital Signage System
  • There is no local software to install.
  • Simple drag and drop interface.
  • Display JPG’s, PNG, BMP, Youtube HD videos, and ... HTML5 support.
    High content flexibility.
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Easy Create, Manage & Display GET MORE CUSTOMERS
  • Update promotions and information to suit your needs.
  • Simple content scheduling and updating for each display.
  • Users can search for a media within playlist window and edit a media or template from playlist component.
    Social media source support as source.
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First Time with Digital Signage?
Well, it is so easy to handle.

Watch videos to
know more

No additional software required. NG Signage software

Content scheduling for group control

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Multi-time zone management Horizontal and Vertical ADS and play support

Email alert notifications sent out automatically

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Media types and formats Animations: Flash SWF (interactive Flash content is supported

Broadcast TV/video / music feeds

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No more problems with providers of ads etc.

get your digital signage working today