Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

Step 1

  1. select the plan and then pay the subscription
  2. you will get account details in your email
  3. your account will be disabled after finishing the subscription
  4. you can renew your subscription anytime and the system will work

Step 2

  1. Go to login page
  2. use your credentials for login
  3. the system will redirect you to the NG dashboard

Backend Features

Web Based Editor

The Web-based editor allows you to manage the:
  1. Screen layouts,
  2. Playlists,
  3. Scheduling
  4. Devices
  5. Media
  6. Personal Settings
  7. and other advanced features.
The player software is installed on the box or any type of smart TV. We support Android, iOS, Windows, and Samsung app Once you have published your content, the server sends this to the player. The player then plays the media, according to the instructions given.

What media types and formats are supported?

  • Animations: Flash SWF (interactive Flash content is supported).
  • Audio: mp3, wave
  • Bitmaps (static images): BMP, jpeg, png.png with transparency, jpg, gif.
  • Videos: Mpeg 4 H264, Windows Media Videos WMV 7+, QuickTime H264, Avi, and Div-X.
  • Web: HTML, HTMLS, interactivity is supported.
  • Streaming video: Android/Unicast: HTIP H264 video streams, RTSP.
  • Windows/Multicast: UDP, with H264 codec @1080P
  • Broadcast TV/video/music feeds:
    • Google Play All Access
    • Grooveshark
    • Pandora Radio
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
  • Data: RSS. XML,
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Can I Use Pre-Made Templates?

Yes, you can use templates. Instead of starting from scratch, use our pre-designed templates to jumpstart your design process or get inspired. Save your page designs as templates, and reuse them on other ADS. This can really speed up your workflow. Color, saturation, brightness, size management, Rotate, zoom, flip vertical, flip horizontal and much more...

Media properties

Media properties that can be assigned and managed:
  • General properties
  • Descriptive name
  • Duration
  • Content active/inactive
  • Duration override
  • File type/extension
  • User account name (who uploaded/edited the content)
  • Date of the upload
  • Dimensions (resolution, in pixels)
  • Bitrate
  • Frames per second

Advertising company features

  • Finance features
  • Easy customization according to your business needs.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.
  • Uses AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery libraries.
  • Create customer group.
  • Simple effective customer management system.
  • Set Special price, Group price, Tier price for your products.
  • Discount management.
  • Coupon management
  • Set Tax Rule and Rate against products.
  • Create Order and Invoice.

Playback effects

  • Assign bitmap transitions (fade in, zoom out, wipe, slide in with directional options)
  • Trim video (clip define start frame/end frame to eliminate black frames or to shorten clip)
  • Cropping (for all supported content)
  • Loop content
  • Hide ticker while media is playing
  • Mute audio or Assign validity period:
  • The user may assign one or more validity periods to each media in the library.
  • Validity periods are based on a time/day of the week basis.(e.g. clip X can only be shown between 7 and 10 AM weekdays or on specific days and this rule will apply for the next month if you like).

Additional Features

Additional Features:
  • Synchronize Multi TV in different locations
  • Manage Multi TV in multi-locations in different positions
  • Manage voice like other media
  • Voice AD for play in chain stores

Toggle title

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Social media networks


For use, the facebook page, just add your page URL here > for example ngusers

How to generate Instagram Access Token

Generating Instagram Access token in a safe manner is really easy, Just follow few steps below and you will have your public access token.

Step 1

Visit Instagram developer Login into your account and then click on manage clients and finally on register a New Client.

Step 2

Fill out the required fields for registering a new client id.  Make sure your Valid redirect URIs field have http://localhost  as value.   from security, tab makes sure uncheck the Disable implicit OAuth checkbox otherwise this method will not work. Register your app and head over to the final step.  

Step 3

Copy the following URL and paste it in your web browser URL bar.{CLIENT_ID_HERE}&redirect_uri=http://localhost&response_type=token&scope=public_content

  Replace the {CLIENT_ID_HERE}  with your client ID. Hit enter and you will connect to Instagram’s servers. Instagram will ask you to authorize the access, Once its complete the Instagram will redirect your browser to your localhost and your newly generated access token will be appended to the url after localhost/#access_token=